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Joe Holleman writes about the progress of statue.


On Christmas Eve of 1916, a man dressed as Santa Claus delivered a deed for sixty acres of land, donated by David R. Francis, as a Christmas gift to the City of St. Louis. Those sixty acres now comprise the park in St. Louis Hills that bears his name.

As a tribute to David R. Francis, SLHNA (SLHNA) and Friends of Francis Park (FOFP) believe it is very fitting and appropriate to honor him with a statue on this 100th anniversary of his donation.

The Sculptor

Harry Weber is an internationally known and recognized sculptor. His works include most of the sculptures around Busch Stadium, the Dred Scott sculpture at the Old Court House, the Bull & Bear at Stifel Financial, and many others in the St. Louis Region. For additional information about Harry, please visit The photo shows Harry Weber at work on the rendering of the David R. Francis Memorial statue.

DRF Statue Progress, Harry Weber

Our Donors

We are very grateful for each and every donation that has been made so far. Please see the complete list of donors (through May 1, 2017).


In addition to honoring David R. Francis’ donation of what now is Francis Park, donors will be memorialized for contributions as little as $250.

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