Memories of Easter Egg Hunts, Playground, and Picnics

As a young mother Francis Park opened up so many opportunities to share the beauty and fun of the park. Easter Egg Hunts, at that time held on Easter morning, were always anticipated and a fun way to start your day right after Mass. Picnics could be an adventure. We could pack our lunch, head to the park for a little time at the playground, eat and walk home – a great place to go on an adventure – but always so close to home. Sledding was also a great time. Again you could spend your time in the snow but be close to home. Today the grandchildren have enjoyed the same activities experienced by their parents and have enjoyed every minute of it. Having Francis Park in such close proximity is an advantage to being a member of the St. Louis Hills neighborhood. It leaves a legacy that continues on from generation to generation. It has become like the “town square” for St. Louis Hills with that same small town feel that you don’t often find in a big city. —Kathy