Years of Playing Handball

I grew up a mile or so from Francis Park, and learned how to play handball on its courts while in high school in the ’70s. I spent many an evening playing with our regular group on those courts, driving all the way from Hazelwood at least once a week during the ’80s and ’90s. I made the 20 mile drive because it was the best place in town for a game. We had a regular group that met and played, but anyone who wanted to get in a game could have a seat on the bench, and they would get a chance to play. The rule was always “2 players (of the 4 in a game) off and 2 new players on after every game, playing 2 games, and then you were off”. Of course there was always the obligatory beer to be drunk on the “retirement bench” when your play was done for the night. — Paul